Thanks for checking out my selection of goose calls.  Weather you're an
    experienced goose caller, a new beginner, or looking to switch from a flute to a
    short reed, I have a goose call that will help increase the number of geese you kill.  
    If you're a duck hunter who doesn't know how to call geese, do yourself a favor and
    get a goose call and learn.  You and your buddies will appreciate the extra shooting
    opportunities and geese make bigger splashes than ducks when they drop in the
    water and bigger thuds when they hit the ground!

    I make several different goose calls, each with their own unique advantages and
    properties.  They all sound realistic and all work very well in the field calling in
    geese.  I often get asked which goose call do I like best or which goose call do I use
    with the most success and the answer is all of them.  It just depends on the situation
    for which call I decide to use.  Take a look at my goose calls below to find out who I
    would suggest use the call and the situations I have found the calls to work best in.  
    You can click on the call picture to go to the page to find out more about the call
    and the colors available.

    Thanks, Dirty Joe
Dirty Money, short reed goose call

Recommended For:  Experienced to advanced goose callers.

Best Feature:  Shorter barrel and exhaust make this goose call
quick and loud so it works well mimicking a very excited flock
which pulls geese in from a distance.

Situation when it works best: Anytime, anywhere except fog.
short reed goose call
goose call
goose call
Chainsaw, short reed goose call

Recommended for:  beginning goose callers or flute callers
looking to switch to a short reed goose call to increase their
vocabulary or goose hunters who hunt in the fog a lot.

Best feature:  This call take so little air to break over you could
call geese all day long without getting winded (but unless you're
the worst shooter in the world, you'd probably be over the limit so
go home).

Situation when it works best:  When you can get under the flight
path of geese or when its foggy  
Bad Mother Clucker, short reed goose call

Recommended for: everyone who wants to sound like a goose

Best Feature:  Big goose sound leads to big goose pile.

Situation when it works best:  When you're calling giants or local
geese which tend to stay big and have a deeper tone.
white-fronted goose calls
Speck Call

Recommended for: When you want to call in white-fronted geese.

Best Feature: Blows like a short reed goose call, lets you sound
like a whole flock of specks instead of just one.

Situation when it works best:  When those honkers you're
calling turn out to be specks.
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