Dirty Joe Duck Calls is proudly located in southern Illinois

    You can contact Dirty Joe by the following
    Email: dirtyjoe@dirtyjoeduckcalls.com
    Phone: 618-889-6045        
    Snail mail:  Dirty Joe Duck Calls
                   11526 Reservoir Rd.
                   Marion, IL 62959      
Dylan's first duck hunt
Take your
kids hunting!!!!
    Welcome to Dirty Joe Duck Calls
    Dirty Joe Duck Calls and goose calls are 100% guaranteed to
    kill more ducks and geese than other calls and I'll let you use
    them for a full season to prove it!  

    Dirty Joe Duck Calls are designed and built with one thing in
    mind: KILL MORE BIRDS!  So how does purchasing a Dirty
    Joe Duck or Goose call lead to increased hunting success?  
    Increasing harvest rates is simply a matter of luring more birds
    closer.  If you have more opportunities at closer range your
    harvest numbers will increase.

    Dirty Joe Duck Calls work to increase kill rates by giving you
    the ability to sound more realistic than any other call on the
    market.  If you sound more like a duck or goose you will attract
    more ducks and geese.  Dirty Joe Duck Calls are built to
    perform in hunting environments.  When you combine ease of
    operation and realism you get Dirty Joe Duck Calls and when
    you get Dirty Joe Duck Calls you kill more birds!

    Use the menu on the left  to find and order your Dirty Joe Duck
    or Goose call and see for yourself why "Guys who talk dirty
    shoot more loads"

    The 100% money back
    guarantee is back for another
    season.  All calls purchased
    from Feb 15th, 2013 until Feb
    15th, 2014 on this website are

    I am so confident that my duck
    calls and goose calls will  help
    you kill more ducks and geese
    than ever before that I am offering
    a 100% money back guarantee
    for every call you purchase on my
    website.  How does it work?  You
    order the duck or goose call or
    calls you like.  I send them to you
    with a signed business card
    showing your purchase.  You get
    the calls and go hunting.  You
    increase your success rate using
    Dirty Joe Duck Calls and when
    your buddies ask where you got
    the calls you can pass along the
    business card so they can get
    some too.  Or maybe my duck
    and goose calls aren't for you.  
    You have until February 15th,
    2014 to send them back in
    original condition with the signed
    business card and I'll send your
    money back. Yes, you can hunt
    all year with them and if you're
    not convinced that Dirty Joe Duck
    Calls and Goose Calls are the
    best calls on the market you can
    send them back and still get your
    money back.

    Q:  Are you nuts?
    A:  No.  Every call maker claims
    they have the best products but I
    stand behind my duck calls and
    goose calls 100% and I'll let you
    use them for a full season to
    prove it. My calls sound better
    and are guaranteed to help you
    kill more birds.

    Q:  Are there any special rules or
    conditions I have to follow to get
    my money back?
    A:  The only conditions I have are
    1. Returned calls are
    postmarked no later than FEB
    15th, 2014.
    2. You include the signed
    business card I send with the
    3. Calls are not broken and
    hopefully cleaned before being
    sent back.
    4.  Shipping charges are

    Now search the site, find some
    you like, Talk dirty to em and
    watch them make a splash!
Dead ducks on a boat
ducks in the back
2011 youth hunt